Formnext 2019 / Stratasys Showcases and keynotes

Editor: Steffen Donath

Stratasys presents new hardware, materials and software for additive manufacturing at Formnext. These new products will be presented for the first time at the show.

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The recently launched F120 offers better access than ever to additive manufacturing for industrial use.
The recently launched F120 offers better access than ever to additive manufacturing for industrial use.
(Source: Stratasys)

The Stratasys booth will showcase developments in numerous applications. In addition, current customer components from various industries, such as automotive, aerospace and consumer goods, will be presented. Visitors can learn how Stratasys' customers use Polyjet and FDM additive manufacturing solutions to increase the efficiency of the entire product development process — from highly realistic concept modeling to the creation of fully functional prototypes to tooling and the production of end parts. The booth will feature several new application examples.

For visitors who require reliable and reproducible additive manufacturing suitable for industrial use, Stratasys offers live demonstrations at the booth. Stratasys Fortus systems are production-proven “workhorses” and the large-format F900 offers a variety of production-ready materials with important properties required for the certification of end parts, the company states.

The Stratasys F123 series of 3D printers will also be on show, including the F370 and F120, which combine FDM technology with the Grab-CAD Print design-to-print software. The recently launched F120 offers better access to additive manufacturing than ever before.

Stratasys will continue to demonstrate the latest Polyjet 3D printers with unique multi-material and full colour capabilities. This technology has recently been fully validated to Pantone specifications, enabling designers and engineers to produce unsurpassed multi-component, realistic and complex prototypes in a single printing process.


Keynote — Tuesday, November 19

At this year's Formnext conference, visitors can learn from a top-notch selection of Stratasys customers how they are driving the adoption of certified 3D-printed components in the aerospace and mobility sectors.

Visitors will learn from André Bialoscek, Head of Vehicle Physical Integration Hennigsdorf at Bombardier Transportation, how Stratasys' FDM additive manufacturing technology can be used to manufacture certified spare parts for the rail industry in German-speaking countries. On Tuesday, 19 November at 10:30 a.m., Stage 1 of “How the Rail Industry Can Benefit from Additive Manufacturing” will focus on how additive manufacturing opens up opportunities in the rail industry to manufacture customised spare parts on demand and to speed up vehicle maintenance for companies at much lower costs.

On Tuesday, 19 November at 15:30 on stage 1, there will be a keynote presentation by Dr Andreas Henneberg, Specialist New Manufacturing Technology at Diehl Aviation. It is entitled “The Potential of Additive Manufacturing for the Aircraft Cabin”. Dr Henneberg will show how the company has recently produced and installed the largest fully 3D-printed component of an airliner to date and what impact this will have on the future introduction of additive manufacturing in the aircraft cabin.

At Formnext 2019 you can find Stratasys in Hall 12.1, Booth D61.

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