Regrinding SGS Carbide Tool invests over £500,000 in Rapid Response Unit

Author / Editor: Doug Sellers / Jürgen Schreier

SGS Carbide Tool (UK) Ltd. has invested more than £500,000 (€604,050) in a new Rapid Response Unit. Located near the company’s Berkshire headquarters, it will provide direct support for the regrinding of solid-carbide cutting tools to as-new condition for customers in the aerospace and aircraft engine industries.

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In addition, the Rapid Response Unit will offer capacity support for high-volume cutting-tool production. SGS Carbide Tool supplies advanced, high-performance solid-carbide cutting tools from stock and also designs and manufactures bespoke cutting tools to satisfy exacting specifications.

The Rapid Response Unit will operate as a self-contained manufacturing cell. It will be staffed by two highly skilled and experienced tool- and cutter-grinding technicians. The total investment by SGS includes a modern 6,000-ft2 facility, a new Walter Power Helitronic 6-axis CNC tool- and cutter-grinding machine and two refurbished Walter machines of the same specification, as well as a new Walter Helicheck automatic noncontact measuring machine to assure adherence to the company’s stringent quality standards.

Adding to production efficiency, the Helicheck can measure complex cutting tools completely in one operation. It can also measure grinding wheels and just about any part that fits the capacity. A Helicheck can even scan a profile and modify the grinding programme to correct any deviation from the desired form automatically.

“The simple fact is, we are too busy producing new products in our Wokingham headquarters to provide the level of service we would consider acceptable to customers having tools reground,” explains Gerry Cook, SGS Carbide Tool’s internal sales manager. “We made a strategic decision to create the Rapid Response Unit, and it has proved very successful with the customers it supports.”

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