HRS Flow Servo-driven valve gate eliminates pressure drops

Editor: Barbara Schulz

The Flex-Flow from Italian hot runner company HRS Flow is a servo-driven valve gate that is claimed to provide accurate, easy and flexible control of pressures and flow rates during the injection process.

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Flex-Flow is said to deliver an even and reduced pressure profile across part geometry.
Flex-Flow is said to deliver an even and reduced pressure profile across part geometry.
(Source: HRS Flow)

HRS Flow said that the valve gate, which will be on show at Fakuma, is suitable for medium to large applications and is designed to eliminate pressure drops during the filling phase, which will prevent flow marks on aesthetical parts from forming. The company asserted that optimal results can be obtained with A-class surfaces, grained surfaces and other parts for which appearance is important. Packing pressure can be adjusted for each nozzle and cavity independently, which leads to lower stress and reduced part warpage, the supplier said.

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HSR Flow further said that Flex-Flow delivers an even and reduced pressure profile across part geometry, which means that smaller injection moulding machines can be used for production of parts that would normally require higher pressure tonnages. This in turn is said to help to reduce operating costs. Moreover, the elimination of overpacking in the part helps to save resin material and cut wastage, the company added. As pressure across the part is more even, peaks are reduced and part thickness becomes more uniform, which helps to save weight. As mould stress is reduced, steel in the tool can also be cut, HRS Flow explained.

The use of servomotors means no hydraulic/pneumatic connections and therefore no risk of water and oil leakage. It is also said to require less maintenance than conventional technology. Direct valve pin adjustment is available in 0.1 mm steps.

According to the company, the Flex-Flow valve gate is suitable for medium and large applications, such as bumpers, door panels, instrument panels, spoilers and for all visible part applications requiring peak quality. It is available in three different versions: on plate, lateral and on manifold, and can be installed in various positions. Controllers are available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-zone configurations, HRS Flow added.