Priamus Sensors ensure B. Braun tools are consistent worldwide

Editor: Eric Culp

The supplier of the devices discusses the problems with ensuring injection moulding quality at various production sites.

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Products such as this blood lancet helped B.Braun record sales of more than €5 billion in 2013.
Products such as this blood lancet helped B.Braun record sales of more than €5 billion in 2013.
(Source: B.Braun)

Swiss sensor supplier Priamus has announced that it will co-operate with B. Braun Melsungen, a leading supplier of medical devices, to ensure the OEM’s injection moulding production standards regardless of where the machines are based.

Karl-Heinz Koch, head of B. Braun’s technology centre, said: “The challenges in the international environment have brought both companies together in order to guarantee the required quality standard in injection moulding independent of the place of production.”

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Christian Reich, a Priamus sales representative, explained the relationship: “Moulds manufactured at B. Braun in Germany are sampled and process-validated so that all mould data for constant quality is laid down in Germany. During series production in global production facilities, the same quality is guaranteed by controlling this reference data.”

Priamus noted that the problem with different components made in 16- or 24-cavity moulds results from unbalanced cavity filling. This can lead to incompletely filled parts (short shots) and end in damage to the mould core that often requires high repair costs and downtimes.

Together with B. Braun, the company said it has developed a process-reliable solution in which extremely small and highly sensitive cavity temperature sensors placed at the end of the flow path of each cavity provide information about the melt front. These sensors are said to guarantee the simultaneous filling of the cavities by automatically balancing and recognising short shots in real-time. Furthermore, bad parts are automatically sorted out by monitoring measurement data, which is also documented.

Pressure sensors oversee cavity pressures, and in combination with temperature sensors, monitor any deviations in viscosities.

Priamus said this method guarantees the required quality for components independent of the location at which they were produced.

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