Sick Sensor measures flow volume of liquids

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Flow sensors measure the flow volume of liquids in a broad variety of applications. The latest development by Sick is equipped with an Industry-4.0-ready interface and a construction that makes it suitable for highly demanding processes.

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Sick's Dosic is a sensor for measuring flow volume of liquids.
Sick's Dosic is a sensor for measuring flow volume of liquids.
(Source: Sick)

A new sensor presented by Sick is able to measure the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids. Its size and material enable users to apply the sensor also in small spaces or in applications with hygienic restrictions, Sick states.

According to the sensor producer, the ultrasonic flowmeter Dosic is equipped with stainless-steel housing is suitable for measuring tasks in highly demanding surroundings.

The sensor comes with two configurable digital inputs and outputs as well as two analog ones, if demanded. Additionally, a IO-Link interface to a superordinate control unit ensures, that users get the right start position, Sick says. This equipment make the sensor suitable for Industry 4.0 applications, as it is possible to monitor the sensor without excessive cabling. Sick states that there is no direct contact between sensor and liquid, which means that the flow volume is determined in a non-contact manner. Dosic itself therefore remains intact even in applications with aggressive acidic liquids.

Besides its digital focus, the sensor brings along several substantive advantages. The construction and material of the sensor allow for an application even in demanding environments. According to Sick, the absence of moving parts in the sensor prevent contamination in food industry applications. Furthermore, the stainless steel housing provides resistance and ruggedness. Sick also states that the sensor is EHEDG vertified and is conform to FDA.