Technology Seeing ‘red’ a good thing for finishing operations

Editor: Eric Culp

Increasing demands on the quality of dies and moulds has created challenging requirements for cutting tools. When it comes to finishing, one company said its coating can provide the final quality needed to add value to components.

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For the new coating, the supplier said it has focused on top surface finish and longer running times.
For the new coating, the supplier said it has focused on top surface finish and longer running times.
(Source: LMT)

With years of experience in copy milling tools for the mould and die industry, LMT-Kieninger said it is introducing a coating for finishing applications to address the requirements for increasing the value of components.

Ready to take on finishing

The company said its Nanomold Red coating is named to remain in line with Nanomold Gold for roughing applications. For the new coating, LMT–Kieninger said it has focused on the key criteria of superior surface finish and extended running times.

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The subject of long running times remains critical for mould and die production. If a copy milling tool provides running times beyond 10 hours, for example, a cutting tool can be used during unmanned machining time, which can earn extra money. This is dependent on a variety of factors such as material, machine and spindle conditions and CAD/CAM programming.

The supplier said various field tests have shown Nanomold Red as a highly reliable coating capable of finishing large contours such as those in large stamping dies for the automotive industry. The coating is designed for the most common materials in the mould and die industry and can be used for finishing cold and hot working steels. Superior performance has been shown in cast steel materials, the company noted, adding that the coating also works well in hardened materials beyond 54 HRC.

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