Mold-Masters Europa Sealed hot runner system is designed to optimise the single-stage PET moulding process

Editor: Eric Culp

As the single-stage injection moulding market has evolved, so have the requirements for single-stage hot runners. Mold-Masters rises to the occasion with its Axiom hot runner system design, which is based on the distinctive fill-balance of iFlow manifolds and the proven technologies of the manufacturer’s valve disk and brazed nozzles. Axiom also incorporates specially designed liners and seals, along with a sealing device to protect the actuator from PET dust, a chronic issue with some other systems.

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The single-stage injection market used to employ simple low-technology hot runner systems to produce bottles and jars in PET primarily, but also in polypropylene, polycarbonate and HDPE. The equipment for this technique differs from that for two-stage PET blow moulding in that preforms are made in one station and then blown into bottles in another station in the same machine.

The technology embodied in Axiom presents advantages that result in lower bottle costs through resin savings, cycle reductions and improved machine uptime. High levels of bottle and gate quality maximise yield and increase product design flexibility by allowing for down-gauging of package wall thickness. The system’s fast, simple start-up minimises scrap and downtime.

Coupled with Mold-Masters’ TempMaster controller, the Axiom hot runner is able to deliver virtually perfect reliability. The system is ideally matched to the TempMaster M1 controller that was recently launched.

Mold-Masters Europa GmbH

Baden-Baden, Germany

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