Free Catalogue Sandvik Coromant Releases CoroKey App for the iPad

Author / Editor: Doug Sellers / Jürgen Schreier

Sandvik Coromant has released a free catalogue application for the iPad that is designed to facilitate selection of the best tools for a given machining application. The CoroKey app considers the workpiece material and the type of operation to be performed and guides the user to the appropriate insert grade and geometry.

CoroKey is intended to be a convenient resource for engineers, programmers and machinists needing to find the optimal inserts for drilling, turning, threading and milling operations. CoroKey offers first-choice recommendations for all material classifications in the categories of steel, stainless steel, iron, nickel-based alloys, superalloys and hard materials. Using CoroKey, machine operators should be confident about the safety and reliability of cutting data from the first cut.

The CoroKey insert guide is based on the Sandvik Coromant principle “easy to choose, easy to use.” The application works with both metric and inch measurements.

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