Roemheld Roemheld opens subsidiary in Nanjing

Editor: Briggette Jaya

China/Germany - Roemheld Group, headquartered in Laubach, Germany, has recently opened its China-based subsidiary in Nanjing, which is the second commercial and industrial centre in Eastern China after Shanghai.

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General Manager Jia Tian (right) and Sales Manager Wenbo at the Chinese subsidiary.
General Manager Jia Tian (right) and Sales Manager Wenbo at the Chinese subsidiary.
(Source: Roemheld)

With the aim to strengthen the company’s presence in China and intensify sales activities as well as expand its service offerings, Roemheld Production Systems (Nanjing) is the second start-up of the group following the opening of Römheld Rivi in Hilchenbach, Germany, this year, the company says.

Located just about 300 km North-West of Shanghai, Nanjing, with eight million inhabitants, has a well-developed infrastructure, numerous universities and a highly-skilled workforce.

According to Roemheld, the Chinese subsidiary will also support customers, as well as supply spare parts on site. This would mean faster delivery of products, and quicker and more comprehensive service for its customers. Its target is also to expand the company’s market position in manufacturing, assembly, clamping and drive technology, with a focus on mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industry and production automation. Local General Manager Jia Tian expects a strong demand especially for clamping and changing technology for workpieces and production tools as well as components and systems for the assembly, handling and drive technology. Chinese customers are mainly interested in solutions for the automation of set-up processes and machine communication within Industry 4.0 applications, Tian also noted.

The new subsidiary offers in China the complete product range of the Roemheld Group.

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