Q&A Reducing the collision in the machining processes to practically zero

Author / Editor: Antonio Pérez de Camino / Briggette Jaya

Spain - Sivo is a fourth-generation family-owned business that was established back in the beginning of 1910. They are specialised in machining, especially mould and machining adjustments, large in-line valves, models and prototypes made in any type of material, and maintenance.

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Jose Sivo is pleased with his choice of software. He is pleased with Esprit's intuitive cycles, which generate tool paths very easy to control.
Jose Sivo is pleased with his choice of software. He is pleased with Esprit's intuitive cycles, which generate tool paths very easy to control.
(Source: Esprit)

Thanks to their recovery process, Sivo is able to restore the geometries of the moulds after their useful life, increasing their production of glass packaging. According to the company, they provide services to one of the largest groups in the international glass-packaging sector such as the Grupo Vidrala. They also work for other sectors such as winery, rubber, marble, polyurethane foam, etc. In this interview Jose Sivo describes the work with software by Esprit.

What kind of machines do you use : milling, turning, mill-turn, EDM?

Our main machine park is centred on CNC milling and turning. However, it is now, when we started to buy state-of-the-art machinery (5-axis milling machines), that a tool like Esprit becomes essential.

How did you discover Esprit and why did you chose it?

The first time I heard of Esprit was at the end of 2009. It was at that time that I got in contact with Francesc (CAM Center) so he could make me an offer about the program. From the start, we decided to purchase the complete version of the program for the 5-axis machines since we were beginning to do much more complex works (manufacture of models with 4-axis embossed engraving) and at that point it becomes necessary to use a CAM software.

How many people work in the company and how many of them are NC programmers?

Currently, 33 workers are part of the company, of which 16 work in the moulds and CNC section, 3 of them being programmers.

What are the difficulties and how can Esprit help?

Esprit becomes essential when one decides to start the manufacture of moulds and models. Generating tool paths for copying a mould can only be done from a CAM software and this is where Esprit shows you its full potential, thanks to very intuitive cycles, which generate tool paths very easy to control.

Is there any challenge you could solve with Esprit?

In 2012, we were offered to manufacture an iron bust for the commemoration of D. Luis Golf in Caudete. From a painting by D. Luis Golf of 1730, we would need to create a model in clay. After this, the model was digitised and that was the moment when Esprit entered the process, to create the bust of that famous man from an iron block of 300kg. Thanks to Esprit, we were able to make the bust. The complexity was great since I only had a 4-axis milling machine, but by making several fits to the piece and with optimal machining strategies, we were able to manufacture it, and the result was more than satisfactory. As for the programming time, it was relatively fast. In a working day, the piece was programmed.

Can you quantify the profit in time and productivity that the company could get with using Esprit?

Without fear of being mistaken, I would assure you that, since we have Esprit, we have achieved an improvement in productivity of 40%. In addition the collision in the machining processes was reduced to practically zero.

Do you use the maintenance contract? How do you find Esprit technical support?

Yes, we use the maintenance contract since the first year. This allows us to solve any programming doubts at any time. Up to this day, they solved all the problems that I had.

Antonio Pérez de Camino is editor of the magazine Mold Press in Spain, in which this article was published in September 2016.

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