Incoe/ Fakuma Reaching gating points deep inside the mould with narrow or little room

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Among the numerous exhibits at Incoe’s booth will be its new DF 8 nozzle.

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The injection of loudspeaker grilles for car door linings using the new, slim DF 8 nozzle.
The injection of loudspeaker grilles for car door linings using the new, slim DF 8 nozzle.
(Source: Incoe)

The DF 8 nozzle from Incoe has reduced outer dimensions and simplified mould cut-outs, which are based on saving space and the company's patented Multi-Power heater.

Based on a mono-block construction, the DF 8 nozzle displays a good temperature profile over the entire length of the flow path, using only two heating zones measuring up to 420 mm in length. All this offers injection moulders optimum processing conditions, Incoe says. Moreover, it saves on heating zones as well as costs, which can arise from inadequate temperature control during operations. In line with the modular and user-friendly basic concept of the company’s Direct-Flo hot runner range, DF 8 is easy to handle, with an interchangeable heating system that contains fully integrated heating wires, interchangeable thermocouples and a centrally located cable outlet on the nozzle head. Application fields include practices in which points deep in the mould need to be injected with plastic, in confined spaces and in average shot weight ranges, like in the injection of loudspeaker grilles in the automotive industry.

The new Multi-Power MP16 heater in the DF 8 series has two separate heating zones. The heater has a smaller outer diameter compared to the previously used heater and it requires a circular cut-out without lateral grooves for external cables. The heating wires in both zones are fully integrated into the base body of the heater, and as such has only a central, slim-line cable outlet at the nozzle head. Easily exchangeable thermocouples for both heating zones sit in matching grooves in the heater case.

Here, the twin thermocouple concept has been applied, using an additional groove for each heating zone, which allows for the possibility of incorporating a second emergency thermocouple. With the new heater, Incoe has developed an upgrade to its modular system. Together with the HEM miniature hydraulic cylinder, this permits a compact valve gate shot with nozzle lengths of up to 420 mm, which enables a stable mould with lower production input as well, even in confined spaces. Further benefits include simple heater installation with a circlip and a centring, which ensures the nozzle is threaded securely into the cut-out in the mould.

At Fakuma, Incoe will be in Hall A2, Booth 2210.

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