CAM Software Programming machine tools: It's all about the software

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As simple and intuitive as possible, but with many machining functions and efficient production: This is what software systems for machine programming are supposed to achieve. Here is an (incomplete) overview of current CNC and CAM software.

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Getting the most out of your machine tool: this is what software systems for CNC machining are promising.
Getting the most out of your machine tool: this is what software systems for CNC machining are promising.
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CAM software facilitates and optimises the manufacturing process and has become virtually indispensable for the machining industry. Here we would like to highlight some of the latest software releases.


Mastercam: More efficient with new 5-axis tool and automation functions

Mastercam 2022, which has been available since mid-2021, has integrated modern technologies such as the new 5-axis “Hybrid” toolpath and many automation solutions. This is intended to further increase the user's productivity and competitiveness

During the development of the CAD/CAM software, special attention was paid to feedback from Mastercam users and companies. Additional consultations with expert partners from the industry have ensured that the software has a practical, workshop-oriented focus, which ensures the success of our Mastercam users.

Improvements in Mastercam 2022 include:

  • The “3D Dynamic Roughing” toolpath for 2D users: The 3D HSC toolpath “3D Dynamic Roughing” is available for all milling and router product levels. This enables the 2D user to machine complex 3D shapes as well as prismatic components with only one toolpath. The user is expected to benefit from a variety of advantages, such as reduced programming effort, tool-friendly machining, and shorter production times - with full collision control between the component and the tool assembly.
  • New, flexible toolpath for 5-axis machining: The new 5-axis toolpath “Hybrid” selects the best algorithm for calculating the toolpath based on the geometry selection. You have a variety of manual as well as automatic functions at your disposal to create efficient 5-axis toolpaths. With this toolpath, you can optimally use the advantages of your 5-axis machining centre.
  • New automation options: EA number of system-wide enhancements helps automate tasks and speed up workflows. The chaining function “Automatic Areas” uses an intelligent approach to automatically analyse the area to be processed. It independently classifies areas into processing, bypass or even aerial areas. This completely eliminates the need to define the individual areas independently. When creating a hole, a hole feature can be selected in the solids manager in order to use this feature in the geometry selection area of the toolpath. In addition to the classic selection or the selection using keyboard shortcuts, individual positions for the holes can be removed or added at any time.