Joke Professional surface processing – for the love of music

Author / Editor: Oliver Schillings / Barbara Schulz

Germany – What does restoring old saxophones and clarinets have to do with tool and mould making? At a first glance, nothing at all – but Germany-based Toko woodwind instrument studio shows that both complement each other very well.

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Törsten Köhler (background) and his team at work in the Toko woodwind instrument studio.
Törsten Köhler (background) and his team at work in the Toko woodwind instrument studio.
( Joke)

Toko woodwind instrument studio has gained itself an excellent reputation during recent years in the repair and restoration of (wood) wind instruments. The highlight: the specialists rely on tools and products from professional surface finishing range of Joke Technology. A total of five employees, all passionate musicians, process the "treasures" on behalf of the customer. Predominately saxophones, clarinets, bassoons and oboes are reconditioned, some of which are already more than 60 years' old.


During an intensive dialogue with a travelling sales representative from Joke, owner Torsten Köhler discovered a number of different possible applications for professional surface processing that not only re-enhance the appearance but also the sound. ToKo now reworks the tone hole risers with ball cutters.

A SiC emery in versions 600, 800 and 1000 is used when grinding in cork pad. Soldering residues are now scratched off with ceramic blades, as a result of which the material is treated with care and the risk of injury is reduced. Dialux compounds are used to refurbish resonator bodies. Formerly, the employees were often not satisfied with the results - too irregular surfaces and excessively long processing time. The situation is different since diamond compounds with a grit size of 3 and 6 µm have been used. The important aspect is for the compound to be extremely evenly calibrated, as the results then fulfil expectations and are repeatable. The price ultimately no longer matters in this case - the result is what counts.