Progressive Components Product range expansion adds bar locks, slides, wear plates

Editor: Eric Culp

The company worked with mould shops to develop one line of products.

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The thin profile of the wear plates allows more room for waterlines or other mould features.
The thin profile of the wear plates allows more room for waterlines or other mould features.
(Source: Progressive Components)

Progressive Components has expanded its Z-Series line with the addition of new bar locks. According to the supplier, the bar locks give mould designers a standard “off-the-shelf” solution for alignment of large moulds and multi-plate sequencing tools.

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Z-Series bar locks deliver the maximum amount of guidance and support for the minimum amount of machining, the company explained. The bar locks are said to provide long-term precision registration of plates, and for long-lasting durability and wear resistance, they feature Z-Series proprietary treatments, engagement ramp geometry and particle rings on the guiding surfaces, Progressive added. Moreover, the bar locks are said to be designed for moulds where both longer and more robust alignment is required.

For cleanroom environments, Progressive offers the SRT series slide retainers. The current product line now has retention force for 4.5, 13.5 and 36kg slides, the supplier said. It added that customers who employ the SRT slide retainers will gain many benefits, including more impact-free operation thanks to a refined force distribution and tighter tolerances as well as increased performance.

To offer mould makers superior wear resistance, Progressive is introducing new wear plates (photo). Wear plate standards were developed for the stamping industry, so mould shops usually manufacture their wear plates in-house. However, the company explained that it has managed to develop an off-the-shelf solution by analysing wear plate sizes and screw locations with the help of many mould designers. The result is said to be convenience for the mould builder and, for the moulder, a smooth running mould.

According to Progressive, the thin profile of the products allows more room for waterlines or other mould features. Wear plates are available in 10 sizes, starting as small as 12.7mm x 12.7mm, and multiple pads can be used where large areas require a wear surface.

The company added that it can also manufacture custom sizes.

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