Enemac Power clamping nut for fast and easy clamping of large workpieces

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Enemac’s power clamping nut, ESB, with its integrated planetary gear is said to be able to be driven easily by a small nut outside the housing, so that the internal thread is a little retracted to allow the tightening of the counterpart.

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The ESB series is available for thread-sizes M12 to M64.
The ESB series is available for thread-sizes M12 to M64.
(Source: Enemac)

The company says this principle is simple, with a large effect enabling the user to manually operate a force of 6 to 20 t.

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According to Enemac, the power clamping nut is first screwed onto the existing bolt, then rotated at the top-mounted nut with a standard torque wrench or even with a normal socket wrench, until the specified tightening torque and the power clamping nut are securely tightened to the workpiece or tool.

The ESB series is ideal for large work pieces or tools as the depth of the screw is limited by the blind hole. The series is available for thread-sizes M12 to M64. Special threads are offered on request. A high-temperature version is available for power clamping nuts that are exposed to extreme heat, like in foundries or ceramics manufacture. The clamping nuts can be used either as original parts or as a retrofit item, the supplier adds.