Events Portuguese Moulds Event promotes European tooling industry

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Portugal – Pool-Net (Portuguese Tooling & Plastics Network), Cefamol (Portuguese Association for the mould making industry) and Centimfe (Portuguese Technological Center for mould making, special tools and plastics industries) will be hosting the Portuguese bi-annual Moulds Event from 24 to 30 September 2016.

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The event features a set of international conferences, B2B meetings, factory visits and other networking events, involving the international tooling community, clients, suppliers and all the cluster stakeholders (

The event is to promote an open discussion and demonstration about the importance of this strategic industry. In fact, Pool-Net emphasises, the tooling industry becomes more and more capital and knowledge intensive, and Portugal is assuming its prime position as a key and global player in the world (growing more than 80% in the last six years, exporting moulds, dies and tools to more than 80 countries). The Portuguese tooling industry is actively investing on the technological modernisation of its companies, accelerating the skills of their staff including their increased participation in R&D projects,introducing the most advanced technologies, methodologies and processes to respond to market needs, including automotive, packaging, medical devices, electronics and aerospace.

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