Epsan Portfolio expansion to fill gap

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Turkey - Epsan Plastic has extended its portfolio of PPA and partially aromatic polyamide compounds for high-temperature parts to fill the gap between these two different grades.

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Air vents made from PPA materials.
Air vents made from PPA materials.
(Source: Epsan)

The Turkey-based company, an independent compounder that specialises in the production of high performance polyamide compounds, had introduced Eplamid HT00 and Eplamid HT02 grades two years ago to the market successfully with good feedback from the end users on its processing abilities and performance, the company said. And, Epsan has now recently commercialised two new grades to the existing portfolio, Eplamid HT01 and Eplamid HT03 grades.

Irem Nehir Yilmaz, Epsan's PPA compounds project manager, said: “Polyphthalamides are easily processable polymers that can exhibit different thermal properties according to their aliphatic and aromatic monomer compositions in their chemical structure. We needed to expand our product portfolio for polyphthalamides with different applications according to different thermal resistances.” He also mentioned that was the reason for having added the two new grades, HT01 and HT03, to the company portfolio. And, from these two grades Eplamid HT01 has high glass-transition temperature and high melting-point, while Eplamid HT03 has easy mouldable and high mechanical properties.

The company has 2 plants located in Turkey.

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