Strack Norma PMON from Powermax series

Editor: Steffen Donath

Strack Norma outlines the development and challenges of their newest product: PMON, a blank holder cam unit.

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The blank holder cam PMON with customer-specific machining.
The blank holder cam PMON with customer-specific machining.
(Source: Strack)

Strack Norma has created with its PMON a blank holder cam unit which can be used to save working stages and thus to increase efficiency. Originally developed as an individual solution, PMON now supports different tool designs requiring a pulling driver in the upper part of the tool instead of a pushing one in the lower part of the tool. PMON belongs to the standard cam series Powermax of the company based in Lüdenscheid.

Starting point for the development of PMON was a challenge which had to be faced by S+S Werkzeugbau Schaller GmbH in Iserlohn-Sümmern. The task was to build a tool for the B-pillar of a vehicle which should be produced over several transfer stages at a Tier-One-Supplier. With the variants currently available on the market, the tool with an overlength of around 2 metres wouldn’t have fit into the existing try-out-press. In addition, the driver used in conventional aerial cams would have blocked the punching- and cutting operations.

Innovation: Driver in the upper part pulls the cam in end position

As a solution Strack Norma developed a new cam concept with the driver in the upper part of the tool. The idea was based on the Pinol cams positioned in the blank holder for single holes. However, the task required a considerably greater solution including gas springs, cutting punches and strippers, which was implemented by the Strack designers in the PMON with a width of 330 mm. In contrast to the common method where the driver pushes the cam body in the working position, in the re-designed variant PMON the driver is in the pulling position, that means it pulls the cam into the end position.

“PMON doesn’t only offer an optimal solution for the task to be mastered, but also characterizes by its complex machining for the acceptance of the active elements and the strippers,” summarizes Bernhard Christoph, head of the engineering department with S+S Werkzeugbau Schaller. “Now, we are able in our design department to evade complex productions and to save at the same time, tool stages and time. Strack Norma has proven to be an ideal partner with its competence, its spirit of innovation and its uncomplicated cooperation. We are looking forward to continuing to cooperate with the family-run company also in future.”

The cam series Powermax includes patented standard cams especially for the large-scale tooling, in use worldwide, particularly in the automotive industry. The cams equipped with gas springs achieve the hitherto unique ten percent press force as retraction-/stripper force by means of an active return. The compact cam series Powermax 2.0, compact cam PMOK, was created in product range extensions. Tools can thus be saved by combining operational steps and by significantly reducing cycle times. Together with the high running precision the Powermax standard cams form the basis for „efficient and safe working”. Strack Norma supplies more than 70 percent as solution ready for mounting with customer-specific machining and special designs. Due to its success and its broad acceptance in the industry Strack Norma plans to continuously improve and further develop the Powermax series in the future.