Mould Components Plate, component standards supplier places premium on material quality

Editor: Eric Culp

Stress-relief process one example of care for its products.

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Plates are designed to resist distortion during processing.
Plates are designed to resist distortion during processing.
(Source: Pedrotti)

Italian-based supplier Pedrotti manufactures standard plates and components for moulds used in die casting, injection of plastics and sheet metal stamping.

The company said it is ISO 9001:2008 certified and takes no shortcuts during production. It gave the example of stress relief heat treatment for steel grade 1.1730, to which it devotes about 48 hours for each set of materials. This is said to create plates of any thickness – including ejection-set thin plates – that are designed to avoid distortion during processing at the factories of its customers.

Moreover, the company said its stock materials include the widely appreciated Toolox for holders that require more toughness, and Royalloy for those who require resistance to corrosion. It noted that it was not content with common steel grades, so the company located reliable partners that can guarantee the quality and origin of raw materials, assurances that can be passed on to customers. For components, the company offers its EES-2CBM ejectors for aluminium die-cast moulds. The manufacturer said it uses high-quality, certified steels, supplied from European partners.

It performs salt bath nitriding in-house to control the phases and the consistent quality of production. It also applies an additional anti-seize coating with molybdenum sulfide, which is said to ensure a long life for the ejectors.

The company has also introduced a new catalogue, a new website and a newsletter service.