Sulzer Metaplas Plastics processors, mould makers can augment tool performance via diffusion coating

Editor: Eric Culp

Sulzer Metaplas can enhance the performance of tools and moulds with highly polished surfaces through the application of its Psolid diffusion coating, which provides a homogeneous microstructure that is highly resistant to wear, corrosion and scratches. The coating is said to enhance the polishability of tools and shortens polishing time significantly. Brush-finish surfaces processed with Psolid can be converted to high-gloss surfaces in much less time than uncoated tool surfaces require.

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The low surface energies that characterise this technology optimise flow, minimise deposit adhesion and make mould cleaning much easier. The coating’s resistance to flaking and embrittlement helps prevent visible surface defects in plastic manufactured parts. Because the application process successfully treats the internal functional surfaces of through and blind holes, it is especially useful for preparing multicavity tools.

Whereas reworking of conventional coated surfaces requires de-coating, refurbishing and application of a new coating, reworking of Psolid coatings is uncomplicated and can be performed on site by Sulzer Metaplas. The coated surface remains Tig- or laser-weldable. The service provider can coat tools as large as 1,000 x 1,600 mm at its own facilities.

Use of this coating technology on corrosion-resistant steels and cold-working steels with high chromium content increases their hardness without affecting their anticorrosion properties. Forming a passive layer on the tool or mould surface, Psolid imparts high resistance to wear and pitting. Surface hardnesses to 1,600 HV can be achieved with hot- and cold-working steels. Despite of a diffusion depth of just 10–50 µm, coated parts stay free of deformation and distortion. Further, a PVD coating applied in combination with Psolid makes treated tools even more durable.

Sulzer Metaplas GmbH

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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