Mold-Masters Plastics Academy Enshrines Mold-Masters Founder Gellert

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

Jobst Gellert, the German-born founder and former CEO of Mold-Masters, is one of 10 plastics industry luminaries being inducted into the US Plastics Hall of Fame by the Plastics Academy Inc. at NPE2012 in Orlando, Florida, this April.

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Gellert, a leading hot runner design innovator, is credited with a 1965 patent for the first commercially viable hot runner system, which used beryllium copper heating elements positioned outside the melt channel to eliminate burning, splaying, stringing and other problems associated with some resins.

In addition, Gellert invented technologies for melt distribution manifolds, hot runner nozzles and actuation methods, and came up with mould designs to solve many of the issues that once plagued hot runner systems. His developments helped push hot runners to the forefront of injection moulding technology. Gellert is among the most prolific inventors in Canadian history.

Jobst Gellert was accredited as a master mould maker in Germany in 1956. He immigrated to Canada two years later. Gellert and his wife Waltraud founded Mold-Masters in 1963 and built the company into a global supplier of hot runner systems.

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