Research Partners in EU robot machining project to show results throughout Europe

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Technology programme consortium schedules seminars for this year.

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Partners in EU project Comet (COmponents + METhods) plan to hold seminars to explain their results.
Partners in EU project Comet (COmponents + METhods) plan to hold seminars to explain their results.
(Source: Delcam)

Members of the European Union’s Comet project will be holding free seminars around Europe on machining with robots, according to research partner Delcam.

The software supplier, a project coordinator, said it will host the UK event at CNC Robotics in Liverpool on 25 April. Other stops scheduled for the tour include Greece, Germany and Italy. “During the seminars, participants will be guided through the decision making process in order to fully understand how robot machining fits their own market application,” Delcam said. There will also be a visit to a robot cell facility which, depending on the demo cell, may let participants see the technologies resulting from the project. Experts and robot integrators will be available to answer questions and give live demonstrations.

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The company said that for the last 30 months, the project has tried to overcome the drawbacks of industrial robots by developing robot machining systems that are flexible, reliable and predictable with significant cost savings compared to machine tools.

Delcam explained that the Comet “plug-and-produce” platform consists of a combination of technologies that increase robot accuracy and enhance the span of the industrial application of robots. They include newly developed path programming and simulation software, modelling of the kinematic and dynamic behaviour of the robot, an optical tracking system to feed positioning corrections to the controller and an active compensation mechanism for the further improvement of accuracy beyond the structural capability of the robot system.

The development of an integrated programming and simulation environment for adaptive robot path generation for machining with industrial robots played a key role in the platform, the company said.

Delcam released this schedule for the seminars with the dates, the hosts, and the locations:

28 March; Gizelis Robotics; Schimatari, Greece

25 April; Delcam/CNC Robotics; Liverpool, UK

14 May; Fraunhofer IPA; Stuttgart, Germany

4 June; SIR; Modena, Italy

27-28 June; RSS Conference 2013; Berlin, Germany

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