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Author Rosemarie Stahl

Günther Hot Runner Technology is known to most toolmakers. Even though the company has a sales and service network all over the world today, the company still manufactures exclusively in Germany. ETMM spoke with Managing Director Siegrid Sommer and Head of Sales and Technical Consulting Horst-Werner Bremmer about what distinguishes Günther from other hot runner providers.

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View into the production. Since 1983, Günther has been producing its hot runner technology in Frankenberg.
View into the production. Since 1983, Günther has been producing its hot runner technology in Frankenberg.
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In the middle of Germany, surrounded by hills and meadows, lies the beautiful Frankenberg. Above the town and its many timber-frame houses sits a 13th-century church called Liebfrauenkirche.

Here, you'll find not only old-world charm, but also state-of-the-art industry. Frankenberg has been a centre of the German hot runner industry for several decades. Joining companies such as Ewikon, Günther Hot Runner Technology has also settled in the city of around 18,000 inhabitants. Günther has been located in the neighborhood of Frankenberg since 1983.

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Since then, the company has continually grown. The company's Hessian-based premises are currently being expanded. If you were to visit Günther now, the first thing you'd notice is the construction on the company's premises. An additional floor is planned to expand the administration building. There is also construction in the factory building, with new space being made for several new machines.

Günther is investing in a successful future. About 220 employees are currently working for the company. This also includes trainees. Currently, 19 trainees, interns and students are being trained in Frankenberg. The company sees the training not only as a central task for the present, it is also seen as an investment in the future. In order to be able to react to the requirements of automation and digitalisation, it requires specially trained staff: “We will need specially trained personnel. And that is why you have to work towards this direction with the employees you have and those who are in training. The demands on the professions will change and become more complex in the future. During the next years, the traditional job specification of machine operators will change: More complex processes with high-tech machines must be controlled and processed. We take care of our employees, train them and future-proof their jobs considering the challenges and innovations of the digitalisation,” explains Managing Director Siegrid Sommer.

The employees are asked to actively engage in the optimisation process

The managing director is proud of her company and her employees. This quickly becomes clear in the conversation. She is a woman who has clear ideas about where the company comes from and how it has to develop. This also includes a corporate culture, a central theme at Günther, expressed in a number of corporate values. The main focus is of course on the customers, the performance, and the quality Günther provides. But the employees are similarly important. For example, Günther is very eager to offer outstanding service to its customers. According to the company, providing extensive services involves more than just giving in-depth guidance and engaging in joint planning. They also offer practical seminars and conferences to help users of their products in getting the best out of their production.