Schott Systeme Options in latest release of CAD/CAM package speed up mould tool design

Editor: Eric Culp

New features include automatic gap detection and healing, as well as mesh editing and smoothing.

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Upgrades include improved rest material recognition.
Upgrades include improved rest material recognition.
(Source: Schott Systeme)

German software developer Schott Systeme said it plans to present the latest version of its Pictures by PC 3.6 CAD/CAM software at EMO 2013 in Hannover. According to Schott, this new release includes numerous CAD modelling and machining features to help reduce the time required to design and machine mould tools and forms. The existing solid, surface and mesh Hybrid Modeller extends the support for handling scanned models imported as STL, the company added.

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Moreover, to optimise and combine the machining of side faces and flatter regions on mould forms, the hybrid finishing option generates toolpaths within a single finishing operation, the software developer said. It added that an improved rest material recognition also analyses and marks areas that require further machining with a smaller tool to remove residual material. Additionally, trochoidal milling with radial toolpaths facilitates the machining of extremely hard materials, improves the machine dynamics through ‘smoother’ toolpaths, and extends tool life, Schott explained. The software includes free of charge support and standard machine post processors without yearly maintenance costs, the company said.