Jongen Werkzeugtechnik Optimised geometry in milling cutter extends tool life

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Jongen has introduced a high-performance shank type milling cutter VHM 474W Ti10 with optimised macro geometry that is said to provide a high-cutting volume and reduced power consumption with lower cutting forces.

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The solid carbide cutter VHM 474W Ti10. with optimised geometry for high performance.
The solid carbide cutter VHM 474W Ti10. with optimised geometry for high performance.
(Source: Jongen)

In addition, enlarged chip spaces enable good chip flow. The optimised micro geometry allows for long tool life and high feed rates, and the 45° edge chamfer ensures high edge stability.

Unequal spiral angle and uneven cutting pitch prevent vibrations and ensure smooth running as well as high process stability, and high surface finish can be achieved.

The special front geometry allows steep ramping angles and helix spirals. The tools are able to enter fully up to the final working depth rapidly and from that point, they can machine the material with high ap-values.

A defined cutting edge preparation results in a better layer adhesion, prevents high frequency vibrations and, thus, the improved surface quality of the cutting edge ensures low wear.

The quality Ti10 consists of the finest grain carbide, corresponding to the latest development in the ISO-Field K10-K20, which offers high tenacity with low wear. It is combined with a TiAlN monolayer-coating, which has a smooth coating surface for low friction and high thermal resistance. This optimally coordinated combination is suitable for wet milling, dry processing and milling with minimum lubricant grease. The tools are available in diameters from 4 to 25 mm.