Vero Software Optimised CAD, CAM and mould updates for software

Editor: Briggette Jaya

CAD/CAM – Significant developments in CAD, mould and CAM functionality are included in Vero’s Visi 2016 R1, due in the early part of 2016.

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Visi 2016 R1's brush selection. The software will be launched early 2016.
Visi 2016 R1's brush selection. The software will be launched early 2016.
(Source: Vero)

It will be the first of two releases this year, the company says. This software will introduce new features with solutions for mould, tool and die makers. Graphic enhancements include an updated GUI with quick access toolbars; live icon combinations on the mouse; and improved hidden line removal and geometry selection by ‘free-shape’ brush.

CAD translators have been updated to support: third-party CAD formats including Inventor 2016; layer categories for NX; and attribute hole-mapping for Catia V5. CAD developments include picking and sketching enhancements; associativity improvements for 3D dimensions; a re-designed part revision manager; and multiple plot-view updates.

Visi Mould updates include improved cooling channel management with support for solid groups; CAD transformations; and updated catalogue components. Also, a new tool now produces lubrication grooves and a re-written database tool manages and edits 3D standard element libraries.

For metal stamping, updates to Visi Progress include automatic updates of geometry if the parent punch is modified. CAM updates cover 2D, 3D, multi-axis, and wire EDM. Other CAM developments are improved analytic material removal, updated stock/model comparison, and a new ‘toolpath enquirer’ tool.