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CAD/CAM - A balanced conduct of cost, quality and efficiency during every stage of the process, product and tool development surely guarantees coping with the daily challenges encountered within the market. Moldex-3D promises to assist part designers and mould makers to develop and produce higher quality products in form, fit and function at lower costs and reduced times-to-market.

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With the Moldex-3D Platform Studio simulations and pre-post operations can now be completed in one application and multi-run comparisons are supported.
With the Moldex-3D Platform Studio simulations and pre-post operations can now be completed in one application and multi-run comparisons are supported.
(Source Simpatec)

After the release of mouldex-3D, more changes and developments are expected from Moldex-3D R15. According to Simpatec, these will improve the speed, robustness and reliability of simulations. One is the Moldex-3D Platform – Studio. The company says, that the necessity to use two applications to perform a simulation is a feature of the past: Simulations and pre-post operations can now be completed in one application. A ribbon style user interface is guaranteed and high-performance rendering promises smooth and fast operations. Another advantage is the extremely reduced file size. Furthermore, multi-run comparisons are supported as well as hot-key operations.


According to Simpatec, Moldex-3D R15 will take the Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) generator to a new level. BLM 3.0 will allow using fewer meshing elements which reduces the meshing time whilst keeping up the maximum wall thickness resolution and it will also enable extraordinary possibilities in terms of advanced meshing and flexibility. Furthermore, the capabilities and options of non-meshing technology have been extended, optimized and intensively modified. More components such as cooling channel, heating rod, mould insert, and mould base are supported. This makes the solid mould base mesh preparation job a lot easier and cuts down meshing hours significantly and temperature results show a smooth outcome, the company says.

Another development of the Designer BLM is the auto repair function which reduces the effort and time needed for mesh generation. Common mesh defects such as free edges, T-connect edges can be automatically detected and fixed, thereby speeding up and simplifying the meshing process.

Solutions for Composite process

Another feature which will be available in Moldex-3D R15 is that tiger strips, surface defects and the jet flow can be displayed. The more detailed the surface structure can be displayed the easier it is to detect possible defects and to eliminate them, Simpatec says.

The solver in regard to over moulding has also undergone several alterations. One major innovation is the opportunity that stress and FEA now support the calculation of orthotropic material and a data exchange between the solver takes place. In addition, coupling opportunities are possible by a 2-way FSI between resin and continuous fiber mat.

The upcoming release R15 of Moldex-3D will also provide a completely developed management system with an effective and intuitive integrated data base system. The iSLM (intelligent Simulation Lifecycle Management) is going to be imbedded into the Windows explorer content menu and includes functionalities such as: account management, Moldex-3D project management, issue tracking, knowledge management and can be used as a communication platform. According to Simpatec, these features allow a far more effective and efficient workflow.

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