Coating Technology Oerlikon Balzers Joins ISTMA Global Partners Program

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

Under the Global Partners Program promoted by ISTMA (the International Special Tooling & Machining Association), Oerlikon Balzers AG, a Liechtenstein-based specialist in coating technology, has agreed to enhance its cooperation with the association and its relationships with other companies in tooling industry.

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ISTMA and Oerlikon Balzers will together develop and strengthen the international tooling network and collaboration platform, with both entities promoting networking activities that will help to create or add value within the tooling supply chain. The agreement signed by the partners covers a two-year period beginning January 2012.

The ISTMA Global Partners Program offers Oerlikon Balzers ( additional visibility and networking opportunities by allowing it to participate in regional meetings and reunions of the association and providing special conditions for its participation in, and sponsorship of, industry events organized by ISTMA.

The entities will jointly take part in such initiatives as specialized workshops, conferences and industry exhibitions, and R&D projects. Also, the partners will share information and news about specific activities and events promoted by the tooling industry.

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