Fakuma 2017 Nozzles for space-saving heating systems and more

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Hot Runners – At Fakuma, hot runners specialist, HRS-flow, will spotlight its latest series of space-saving Full Compact Nozzles, the servo driven Flexflow One, new Pressure Block clamping plates and its Thread Safe Kit among its numerous exhibits.

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The Full Compact Nozzles is the latest range of nozzles from HRSFlow. It offers space-saving in heating systems.
The Full Compact Nozzles is the latest range of nozzles from HRSFlow. It offers space-saving in heating systems.
(Source: HRSFlow)

HRS-Flow says that its Full Compact Nozzles range are newly developed screwed-in hot runner nozzles that enable a space-saving heating system. With nozzle seat diameters reduced from 33 mm to 28 mm over its entire length, they are optimised for producing small, delicate parts such as loudspeaker grilles and good too for reverse gating from the ejector side. Their lengths range from 75 mm to 450 mm, with internal diameters of 6, 8 or 10 mm. The nozzles can be equipped with one or two heating zones and are available in Classic Line and Fail Safe versions, the latter with two heating devices and two thermocouples. Available gating options are torpedo, free flow and valve gating.

  • One-needle valve system, needing no control unit
  • Space-saving compact nozzles
  • Clamping plates for uniform temperature

(Source: HRSFlow)

Debuted at K, Flexflow One is the company’s hot runner technology with a one-needle valve system for hot runner nozzles. It has a simple driver module that replaces the need for a control unit. The module has a default setting that fully opens/closes the needle. Using an External Smart Interface (ESI) that is connected for this purpose, needle stroke and velocity can be individually set for specific applications, including multiple steps. With ESI, up to 24 valve pins per system can be individually programmed and the information is then saved in the driver module and the system is ready for producing moulded parts.

A servomotor is set with a maximum torque to ensure safety. On achieving this value, the electronics automatically shut down, preventing damage to the hot runner system, the mould and thus downtime. Flexflow One systems are connected with a Safety Interface Box (SIB) that communicates with the controller of the injection moulding machine as well.

HRSflow's recently introduced Pressure Block clamping plates can be positioned between the hot runner system and mould where, thanks to their low thermal conductivity, ensure a more uniform temperature profile in the hot runner system. This in turn improves mould stiffness. The plates can be flexibly positioned without any negative impact on the temperature profile of the hot runner system as well.

The Thread Safe Kit, according to the company, prevents damage during disassembly of screwed-in hot runner nozzles will also be showcased.

See more at the company booth 2217 in Hall A2 at Fakuma.