Hexagon Metrology New software upgrade advances white-light measurement systems’ capabilities

Editor: Eric Culp

At Control this year, Hexagon Metrology shows how to match products to applications in the automotive, aerospace and other industry sectors. Highlights of the portfolio on display are the Cognitens WLS400 automated and manual white-light measurement systems with CoreView 6.0 operating software. The new version of CoreView includes an offline programming module for the robotic measuring system Cognitens WLS400A.

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In Version 6.0, all CoreView modules use full memory and CPU resources by running on native 64-bit architecture. This supports larger CAD files, dense point-cloud visualisation and accelerated result computation. New flush and gap capabilities support measurement of matching parts in their actual assembled position, delivering relevant information about the behaviour of matching parts in the real world. Improved reporting functions are another benefit of CoreView 6.0’s introduction.

CoreView 6.0 also provides a Metrology Advisor function that supports the Cognitens WLS400 user with online guidance and helps create a more efficient process for measuring points and features.

In high-definition mode, the automated Cognitens WLS400A system now recognizes character lines (tornado lines, or beauty lines) along the full length of a car (image). This function can be added to existing measurement routines. In addition, CoreView 6.0’s enhanced Automated Measurement computation increases system throughput by allowing a new measurement cycle to begin while the measurement results of the previous run are computed, so the Cognitens cell can keep measuring with minimal interruptions.

Hexagon Metrology

Unterentfelden, Switzerland


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