Cumsa New slide unit

Editor: Steffen Donath

Cumsa released a new slide unit in three available sizes.

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Ideal to de-mold external details.
Ideal to de-mold external details.
(Source: Cumsa)

The Cumsa Sliding Set is a ideal mechanical solution for making small lateral details on plastic parts. Do you know its main features?

Small, compact, and robust component easy to install and adjust in the mold. Available in 3 different models, demolding from 3mm up to 5mm according to size. Its included slide retainer retains the slide to stay in position when the mold is open. All drills are made at 90º from the parting line, no complex angled drillings are needed to install it in the plates. The slide can be disassembled in 2 parts to simplify the machining of the lateral detail. Supplied with a shim plate to help height adjustment in both, core and cavity plates, thus optimizing its total fit. Its transversal conical adjustment keeps the slide in place during the injection, so the angled guide pin does not support any pressure. The inserts come fine-tuned and ready for final machining and installation in the mold.