DME Europe New polishing products extend line of mould surface finishing machinery

Editor: Eric Culp

DME Europe offers an expanded line of mould-polishing equipment now that it has launched the Grande hybrid micromotor polishing system, a mobile grinder, a more powerful hangmotor and the Maxima 80 rotary micromotor system. These four new items represent the range of processing efficiencies available through the supplier’s catalogue of finishing and polishing devices to give moulds flawless surfaces.

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DME says the Grande is the first system of its kind to feature brush and brushless motors. The hybrid system enables one controller to use a carbon brush–motor handpiece and brushless-motor handpiece alternately. New handpieces and high-torque adapters that complement all existing heads make the Grande suitable for polishers needing high speed and high power.

The mobile grinder set provides flexibility in applications where electricity is not available. With a rotation speed of 33,000 rpm and continuous working time of 140 minutes, this instrument enables tool shops to execute quick mould repairs.

The DME line of hangmotors with flexible shafts has been extended with the addition of a powerful 800-W motor with continuous speed regulation of 24,000 rpm. These products are intended to be used with electronic speed control units with pedal or desk control.

Finally, the small Maxima 80 high-torque set, based on the standard single Maxima controller, is for polishers requiring adjustable torque.

DME Europe

Mechelen, Belgium

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