Vargus New internal tools with turning solutions from 1 mm

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Israel – Vargus, a threading, milling and gear milling tools specialist based in Israel, will be showcasing a significantly extended range of micro turning tools for its Groovex Microscope line.

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Micro turning tools for the Groovex Microscope line from Vargus' range.
Micro turning tools for the Groovex Microscope line from Vargus' range.
(Source: Vargus)

The range, which currently offers internal turning solutions starting at 1 mm bore diameter, is being extended to include five additional cutting inserts for boring, profiling and chamfering applications. The tools with cylindrical shanks and diameters from 4 mm are suitable for use in Vargus Microscope holders, and a wide range of conventional toolholders on Swiss-type machines, the company says.

New additions to the Microscope line include Boring 20°, Boring 90°, two inserts for Boring and Chamfering and Face Chamfering at 45°, as well as a special version with an angled, relief-cutting design for back boring. In addition to the currently available two-flat toolholder, square shank and drop heads, Microscope now includes a new toolholder with four flats.

Vargus notes that the Microscope line minimises tool changeover time by means of a simple clamping system, which uses one large screw to secure the insert in its place. The slanted insert design – against a stopper pin – ensures exact insert location and repeatability.

The company says that it is continuing to develop the Microscope line to include new grades and other boring applications for any micromachining solution.

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