Haas Automation New-generation CNC machines offer advanced features, strong customer-service backing

Editor: Eric Culp

The Haas Automation stand at Mach features several latest-generation CNC machines, including the ST-20SS, ST-30Y and ST-40 lathes never before shown in the UK. In addition, the DT-1 drill/tap machine and some of the VF-series 40- and 50-taper vertical machining centres (VMCs), Mini Mills and toolroom machines are cutting metal.

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The brand-new ST-40 lathe, a completely reengineered Haas machine, offers a maximum capacity of 648 x 1,118 mm, 1,016 mm of swing and a 30-kW vector drive with two-speed gearbox providing 2,400 rpm.

The ST-10, ST-20SS and ST-30Y lathes have already entered the market. With a capacity of 356 x 356 mm and 413 mm of swing, the compact ST-10 CNC turning centre has a 11.2-kW vector drive that delivers 6,000 rpm as standard. The ST-20SS is a new Super Speed turning centre with a top capacity of 254 x 521 mm, a 5,000-rpm spindle and rapids up to 30.5 m/min. The ST-30Y turning centre provides 101 mm of y-axis travel (±50.8 mm from the centreline) for off-centre milling, drilling and tapping. It comes standard with high-torque live tooling and a servo-driven c-axis for versatile 4-axis capability.

The Haas DT-1 high-speed drill and tap machine with full CNC milling capabilities has a 508 x 406 x 394-mm work area and a 660 x 381-mm T-slot table. A 30-taper spindle provides 12,000 rpm and allows tapping at speeds to 5,000 rpm. Designed for general machining, the DT-1 also features a high-speed 20-pocket tool changer and rapids of 61 m/min in all axes. Its high acceleration and deceleration rates keep cycle times short.

The latest Haas high-speed VF-SS VMCs offer productivity-enhancing improvements in motion control, chip evacuation and coolant containment. They have also been given a contemporary redesign, and their better fit, feel and ergonomics make operation easier and more efficient.

Haas Automation Europe N.V.

Zaventem, Belgium


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