Cumsa New developments to the DR and KR ranges

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Spain – Cumsa exhibited a number of developments of its rack family at the recent K-Show in Düsseldorf.

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From the DR range of the company's rack family.
From the DR range of the company's rack family.
(Source: Cumsa)

These new innovations will be due to be released to the the market in the latter part of November 2016, the Spain-based company noted.

Cumsa explained that based on the company's continuous research and in addition to customer feedback, it has made several improvements to its rack system.

As such, its DR range is being expanded with the addition of a smaller 16 mm size. At the other end of the scale, two larger units, KR58 and KR76, are being added to the KR rang, specifically designed for large tools.

These changes include developments that were also showcased at K, namely, a new “fast fit” system that is designed to offer a quick and easy solution for fitting the insert to the shaft, and the unification of the 100 mm and 125 mm stroke racks’ geometry. This would therefore mean that all of these parts will have the same installation process. The fixing key for the shaft in the ejector plates have been removed, which will provide more latitude to the customers to implement their own bespoke solution.

The company added also that the base units will now be given a black oxide treatment, while the material and hardness will remain the same.

Furthermore, the KR22 will now include an O-ring on its shaft, similar to the KR28 & KR34.