Bedra New brass wire ‘Betterbrass’

Editor: Steffen Donath

The wire manufacturer Berkenhoff has applied for a patent for a new technology in the field of bare brass wires with Betterbrass.

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Betterbrass is the latest EDM wire from Bedra.
Betterbrass is the latest EDM wire from Bedra.
(Source: Betterbrass)

The wire achieves significantly higher cutting performance than all other brass wires for spark erosion manufactured by Berkenhoff under the umbrella brand Bedra — while at the same time offering high cutting precision, the company promises.

Bedra has made targeted further developments in its key technologies of continuous casting and heat treatment. Through this, the engineers have succeeded in generating a wire electrode with a new type of alloy, thus increasing performance. The alloy and casting technology provide Betterbrass with the basis for high process performance and stability right from the original forming stage.

A specially developed heat treatment controls the development of performance-enhancing elements. This allows the cutting performance to be increased by 10 %, according to Berkenhoff. This means that less wire is used, material is saved and therefore costs are reduced. Reliability and precision remain the same. This electrode combines a lean production process with a previously unattained performance characteristic:

  • Absolute process reliability
  • Plug-and-Play on all machine types
  • 10 % increased cutting capacity

The wire type Betterbrass One.9 is a brass wire for all EDM machines and standard applications. It has a tensile strength of 900 MPa and an elongation of 1 %. Wires of the betterbrass One type are supplied on spools K160, K200, K250, K355, P5, P10 and P15, with a wire diameter of 0.20, 0.25 or 0.30 mm.