Machining Accessories New ATC gauge from Big Kaiser extends the service life of tools and holders

Editor: Steffen Donath

The new ATC gauge from Big Kaiser, a leading supplier of high-precision tool systems and solutions for the metalworking industry, ensures correct alignment between a machine tool spindle and the ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) gripper arm.

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(Source: Big Kaiser)

If the machine spindle and ATC gripper arm are not correctly aligned when a tool holder is inserted into the spindle, the spindle taper may be damaged. Clamping a misaligned toolholder can also lead to increased concentricity errors, shortening the life of machine tools, toolholders and cutting tools.

Incorrect positioning often leads to damage and excessive wear; the ATC gauge saves costs by ensuring that machine tools, toolholders and cutting tools are always correctly aligned.

"The smooth interaction of all components is decisive for high-quality machining results," says Christian Spicher, Head of Sales and Marketing at BIG KAISER. "For this reason, we offer our customers precise machine testing devices that prevent damage and significantly improve process reliability when used regularly for the inspection of machine tools".

The ATC gauge consists of three easy-to-use components for checking the correct alignment: AL cone, AL ring and AL plug gauge. The three components are supplied in a practical storage case.