Agathon New Agathon Catalogue Emphasizes Technical Expertise

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

The Swiss supplier of standard mould components Agathon Ltd. has, with its new Standard Parts catalogue, expanded its product range and more fully developed the presentation of technical information.

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Highlighting its technical expertise as a manufacturer of standard alignment and guide components and customized special parts, the company has made its catalogue a technical manual and reference guide for mould elements. The volume offers users not just comprehensive product information, but also selection guides, functional specifications, application suggestions and installation and maintenance instructions.

In addition, product innovations appearing for the first time in this catalogue receive special note.

Agathon mould elements, constructed from highest-quality materials, are characterized by high surface quality and very tight tolerances. They are designed for easy assembly.

The new Agathon Standard Parts catalogue is available as a ring binder, in reader-friendly A4 format, and in three electronic formats: a PDF with appropriate links, a CD, and a version downloadable from the Agathon website. It includes product photos, dimensional drawings, text information and tables giving all relevant dimensions for selection and installation.

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