Nationwide retailer expands 3D printing to nearly 100 stores in the US to meet growing demand

Editor: Thomas Masuch

Following the successful launch of 3D print in six markets across the country, The UPS Store is expanding 3D printing services to meet the growing demands of its small business customers to nearly 100 additional locations nationwide.

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UPS stores provide small business owners and consumers access to top-notch 3D printing.
UPS stores provide small business owners and consumers access to top-notch 3D printing.
(Source: UPS)

As the first nationwide retailer to offer 3D printing services in-store, UPS continues to evolve its services to better meet the needs of small business owners. Over the past year, the six locations saw demand for 3D print continuing to increase across a broad spectrum of customers.

A ‘Whale’ of a time with additive manufacturing

During the 2013 pilot program, the 3D print services were used by small businesses, start-ups and a wide range of professionals to transform their ideas into reality. Entrepreneurs prototyped an idea and successfully delivered a retail-ready product to market. "We launched the pilot to evaluate if there was demand for 3D print and we're excited to be announcing an expansion, giving more small business owners access to high-quality 3D printing," said Michelle Van Slyke, vice president of marketing and sales at The UPS Store.

The Stratasys uprint SE Plus, selected by The UPS Store, is a professional-grade 3D printer designed to accurately and reliably produce complex engineering parts, prototypes, and one-of-a-kind objects.

"There are significant differences between home 3D printers and professional 3D printers," explained Daniel Remba, small business technology leader at The UPS Store. "Many steps used to prepare a simpler printer are fully automated on the uprint SE Plus."

With more than 4,400 locations, The UPS Store network comprises the nation's largest franchise system of retail shipping, postal, print and business service centres.