Werth Messtechnik Multisensors for precise and large measurement ranges

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – The ScopeCheck MB from Werth Messtechnik is said to be a multisensor coordinate machine with air bearings for measuring large workpieces in a production environment.

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The integration of multisensors greatly increases the ScopeCheck MB's flexibility.
The integration of multisensors greatly increases the ScopeCheck MB's flexibility.
(Source: Werth)

This series has temperature compensation systems to allow precise measurement even in non-air-conditioned space.

The measurement range is up to 1500 mm in the X-axis, 5000 mm in the Y-axis, and 1200 mm in the Z-axis, the company noted.

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According to Werth, the integration of multisensors greatly increases the machine's flexibility. The patented Werth Zoom is fully integrated in the Z-ram of the machine, providing unrestricted measurement capabilities. The IP 40T rotating and tilting camera head can be added with a variety of additional sensor types. This allows automatic optical measurement of large components from different directions. Moreover, using a special exchange mechanism, the IP 40T can also be equipped with the patented WFP Werth Fiber Probe. The Werth LLP laser line probe is available for rapid scanning and digitizing large components, the company said. All sensors are easily interchangeable using a park station in CNC mode. The optional back light attachment allows stamped parts, films, and other profiles to be measured, the company added.

The modular design allows the machine to be easily expanded, even after installation.

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