Metrology Multisensor technology becomes even more flexible

Source: Press release

The Scope Check FB from Werth Messtechnik is now available with one, two, or three independent sensor axes. The multisensor technology is perfectly integrated and can therefore be used without restriction and without time-consuming sensor changes.

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Multisensor measurement with image processing and Werth Zoom.
Multisensor measurement with image processing and Werth Zoom.
(Source: Werth Messtechnik)

With the Scope Check FB from Werth Messtechnik, multisensor technology becomes even more flexible. Each sensor is mounted on its own ram; the parking positions are outside the measuring range. For example, the patented multi-sensor, consisting of Werth Zoom, Werth Laser Probe, and a conventional probe on the rotary-swivel joint ,can be supplemented by the patented Werth Fiber Probe 3D on the third ram. With measuring ranges from 530 mm x 500 mm x 350 mm to 2130 mm x 1000 mm x 600 mm, the instrument family is ideal for measuring a wide range of even larger workpieces.

Like almost all Werth devices, the Scope Check FB can be equipped with a flexible rotary/tilt axis. The new axis includes special bearing technology making it suitable for large and heavy workpieces. Rotating/tilting units improve the accessibility of the workpiece and can be easily mounted as accessories in any orientation. One of the first users of the new device is the measuring service provider Messtronik Weißer. They are working with a Scope Check FB that has three sensor axes and a unique combination of a rotary/swivel unit and a chromatic focus line sensor.

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