Progressive Components Mould Monitor’s Built-In Flash Drive Makes Tooling Data Accessible Anywhere

Editor: Eric Culp

Having access to a mould’s complete history can be a valuable to mould builders and processors alike. Now, Progressive Components, the developer and distributor of components for production tooling, makes this possible through its introduction of the CVe Monitor with a built-in 2-GB flash drive.

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Mould drawings and setup sheets can be stored on the flash drive, along with performance history. The latter may include cycle-time monitoring to verify part-quality consistency and cost, and maintenance-activity tracking to lower the incidence of unscheduled mould stoppages.

In addition, with the CVe Monitor, all reports and documentation are accessible to tooling engineers in whichever facility may be running the mould. Mould makers that specify the monitor as a standard component are offering customers a complement to the tool’s maintenance manual that enables the mould manufacturer to track the data it needs in order to be certain that its moulds are being cared for as they should for optimal performance.

The CVe Monitor was developed by AST Technology GmbH.

Progressive Components Europe Ltd.

Oldham, Manchester, UK

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