Precision Standard Parts Mould makers can order precision standard parts from catalogue of stocked items

Editor: Eric Culp

The 2012 catalogue of precision standard parts for mould and tool making issued by Rainer Knarr consists of 156 pages packed with descriptions of mould components and accessories that are available for immediate delivery from a voluminous warehouse.

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The company has been creating specialised parts, such as lubricant-free pins and other components, designed to meet increasing demands from industries with their own requirements. Medical technology is an example. Ejector pins coated with diamond-like-carbon (DLC) or tungsten carbide/carbon (WC/C) coating, offered from stock, allow moulders to dispense with costly lubricants, extend tool maintenance intervals and enjoy a possible reduction in machine downtime. Other parts with DLC, WC/C or other coatings also can be provided quickly.

Rainer Knarr supplies many ejector pins from stock, in size increments of 0.01 mm, to support the maintenance and repair of moulds that are in use. Custom-made thermal insulation plates are a new offering. In fact, the supplier can manufacture any special mould part to supplement its portfolio of standard components, in any steel grade and in lot sizes as small as one piece. Inserts, cooling cores, flat ejectors, stepped sleeves and collapsible cores are among the items the company can produce with tight tolerances and deliver with short lead times.

Customer may register in the company’s online shop, where they have access to 3D data.

Rainer Knarr Vertriebs GmbH

Helmbrechts, Germany