Meusburger/Fakuma Mould and die-making services and components all from one group

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Following the motto ‘everything from a single source’, the Meusburger Group, including PSG, WBI and the youngest group member, Segoni, will present new and tried-and-trusted products and services in the field of mould and die-making.

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The Meusburger Group, including PSG and Segoni, will present tried-and-trusted as well as new products at Fakuma 2018.
The Meusburger Group, including PSG and Segoni, will present tried-and-trusted as well as new products at Fakuma 2018.
(Source: Meusburger)

Mould-makers can see many innovations at the Meusburger trade show booth, the company announced, such as a build-in cylinder for the smallest installation spaces or the smallest ready-to-use slide unit available on the market. Additions to the range of stainless steel products – which are particularly suitable for applications in cleanroom technology – will also be presented. In the newly created presentation corner, short keynote speeches on various topics will be held. The classics of Meusburger's product portfolio, including the multifunctional H 1000 clamping system and the H 4062 assembly table, will also be on presentation as well.

The hot runner and control systems manufacturer PSG will be presenting innovative solutions for all kinds of injection moulding applications next to the Meusburger booth. In the field of hot runners, the company has been providing customer-specific solutions for over 50 years, which feature reduced cycle times, rapid colour changes, dimensional stability, gating of difficult-to-reach parts, short sealing times and small cavity distances. One of the highlights in terms of control systems is the new variant of the Profi-Temp+ hot runner controller with up to 192 control zones, which features innovative technology and space-saving design. In addition to intelligent functions like Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and Mold-Check, tried-and-trusted features have also been integrated. The clearly designed multi-touch screen is easy and intuitive to use, says Meusburger.

Efficient knowledge and enterprise management

The Meusburger booth will also host a team from WBI Knowledge Management. According to the company, WBI is a simple, pragmatic method of knowledge management based on over 25 years of development and experience at Meusburger. It links people, organisation and technology and can be adapted to any company in any industry. The company announced that the experts at WBI are happy to advise interested parties on the complete package for the simple management of knowledge, suitable software and content. On request, they'll gladly accompany customers from the very start of the project through to its implementation in their own company.

The Meusburger Group also aims to increasingly focus on the subject of digitisation. Segoni is the youngest member of the Meusburger Group and offers ERP/PPS software solutions for efficient production planning for companies with individual production structures in the fields of mould, die and jigs and fixtures construction. The fully customised products and services enable rapid introduction and efficient operation for digital mapping of business processes. Segoni PPMS is a fully integrated ERP solution that includes everything to do with calculation, deadline and capacity planning as well as purchasing and management. At the Meusburger booth, the manufacturer will present a live demo of the current software version and provide information on the benefits and possibilities of the system.

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