SPI More foreign visitors than ever attended successful 2012 NPE in Florida

Editor: Eric Culp

Called a “success by many measures” by organiser SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, the NPE2012 plastics exposition substantially exceeded NPE2009 in size and attracted more participants from outside the United States than any previous edition of the show.

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NPE2012 drew 1,933 exhibitors to Orlando, Florida, on 1–5 April, more than in each of the three previous NPEs, said SPI. The total occupied exhibit space, 939,972 ft2 (87,326 m2), was reportedly 23% larger than that of the 2009 show in Chicago. Attendance increased by 26%, and the 55,359 professional visitors represented 19,283 unique companies, according to official numbers, as against 18,600 at NPE2009.

Of all 2012 attendees, 26% came from outside the United States, SPI reported; this substantially topped the old NPE record. SPI said fully one-third of international visitors came from Latin America, fulfilling the organisation’s prediction that the new venue would attract more people from that region.

Approximately 750 exhibiting companies, or 40% of the total, came from abroad. This, too, was a record for international participation. Of the foreign nations, SPI said, China sent the most exhibitors by far—a little more than 300, or 16% of all exhibitors. Another 10% came from Europe, and 8% came from the rest of Asia and the Middle East. The 28 exhibitors from Mexico and South America represented the largest contingent ever from Latin America.

According to William R. (Bill) Carteaux, president and CEO of SPI, these statistics do not fully convey the degree of success achieved by NPE2012. “There was far more plastics processing equipment operating on the exhibit floor than in 2009, much greater attendance at the co-located conferences, and a larger and more exciting programme of special events,” he said. “In addition, both exhibitors and visitors gave SPI overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new venue in Orlando, supporting our decision to schedule both the 2012 and 2015 NPEs there.”

NPE2015 is scheduled for 22–26 March at the Orange County Convention Center. It will conclude before the traditional Spring Break period begins.


Orlando, FL, USA


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