Taegutec More application areas for end mills, general purpose added

Editor: Eric Culp

The tools can cut a number of different materials.

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The line offers a range of geometries from which to choose.
The line offers a range of geometries from which to choose.
(Source: Taegutec)

Taegutec said it is offering its solid carbide end mills for general purpose machining on small depths-of-cut applications.

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The Apex Mill two- and four-flute flat end mills come in various lengths said to cover a wide range of roughing and finishing application on various materials such as alloy, carbon, cast iron, tool, stainless, hardened and pre-hardened steels.

For slotting applications, the brand is also available in three-flute flat end mills that include a high helix angle, the company said.

The short and medium two-flute ball-nose end mill type is specifically suited for shops looking to save costs on semi-finishing and finishing applications, according to the supplier.

The line comes in a diameter range from 3-20mm, and optimised grades applied to the end mills include the TT5525 grade for flat types and the TT5515 grade for ball nose types.

Taegutec reported that its in-house tests showed that the mills recorded a 25-100% increase in tool life when compared with similar tools under like processing conditions.