Celebration Mold-Masters to mark 50th anniversary with product unveilings, live moulding

Editor: Eric Culp

Mold-Masters, a supplier of hot runners and process control solutions, said it will use the K 2013 fair to exhibit its latest advancements in applications and products such as co-injection and medical and automotive hot runners.

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The company has announced the expansion of its Fusion G2 line of drop-in, single-point connection hot runners
The company has announced the expansion of its Fusion G2 line of drop-in, single-point connection hot runners
(Source: Mold Masters)

The company said it is partnering with other suppliers of plastics processing technology to host live demonstrations and plans to showcase its Iris technology in a live work cell at its booth. The technology will be producing HDPE closures in a 16-cavity, fast-cycling closure mould. The system incorporates the Iris co-injection hot runner, an E-Multi secondary injection unit and an E-Drive servo-driven valve gate control, all integrated in a single control unit.

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Precise dosing, flow and pressure control are said to be achieved via integrated control of the two melt streams and the movement of the servo-actuated valve pins. The cap is molded with an EVOH barrier encased in its centre for a simple yet high-performance cap that can be used directly versus needing a secondary operation to insert or mould a liner.

IMD, Brügg, Switzerland, will provide equipment to detect the presence, thickness, and location of clear barriers in the parts, Mold-Masters said.

More products with the Iris system

The Iris technology will also be shown moulding a thin-walled cat food container, live at the Stork Plastics Machinery booth (Hall 13/D72). This 2 / 4 system is integrated with a mould provided by Van Den Brink. Co-injection in thin-wall containers eliminates the need to use a multi-layer thermoformed structure with tie layers and glues. The benefit is that a net shape part is produced with no web scrap.

The company plans to launch the EM4-550 and the EM2-16 as part of the E-Multi line. Launched in 2010, E-Multi has been used widely as a portable auxiliary injection unit for multi-material or multi-coloured applications, the company said.

Addition to line of hot runners

Mold-Masters said it is also expanding the Fusion G2 line of drop-in, single-point connection hot runners with the F7000 nozzle. This is equipped with new heater technology said to be desireable for automotive and large-part moulders.

The company noted that it is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and over the half century it has collected nearly 1,000 registered patents. It explained that the anniversary is not only a reason to celebrate the past 50 years, but it also allows the manufacturer to look to the future. Recently acquired by Milacron in June, Mold-Masters said the deal will allow it to grow and expand in new and exciting ways.