Celebration Mold-Masters to mark 50th anniversary with product unveilings, live moulding

Editor: Eric Culp

Mold-Masters, a supplier of hot runners and process control solutions, said it will use the K 2013 fair to exhibit its latest advancements in applications and products such as co-injection and medical and automotive hot runners.

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The company has announced the expansion of its Fusion G2 line of drop-in, single-point connection hot runners
The company has announced the expansion of its Fusion G2 line of drop-in, single-point connection hot runners
(Source: Mold Masters)

The company said it is partnering with other suppliers of plastics processing technology to host live demonstrations and plans to showcase its Iris technology in a live work cell at its booth. The technology will be producing HDPE closures in a 16-cavity, fast-cycling closure mould. The system incorporates the Iris co-injection hot runner, an E-Multi secondary injection unit and an E-Drive servo-driven valve gate control, all integrated in a single control unit.

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Precise dosing, flow and pressure control are said to be achieved via integrated control of the two melt streams and the movement of the servo-actuated valve pins. The cap is molded with an EVOH barrier encased in its centre for a simple yet high-performance cap that can be used directly versus needing a secondary operation to insert or mould a liner.

IMD, Brügg, Switzerland, will provide equipment to detect the presence, thickness, and location of clear barriers in the parts, Mold-Masters said.

More products with the Iris system

The Iris technology will also be shown moulding a thin-walled cat food container, live at the Stork Plastics Machinery booth (Hall 13/D72). This 2 / 4 system is integrated with a mould provided by Van Den Brink. Co-injection in thin-wall containers eliminates the need to use a multi-layer thermoformed structure with tie layers and glues. The benefit is that a net shape part is produced with no web scrap.

The company plans to launch the EM4-550 and the EM2-16 as part of the E-Multi line. Launched in 2010, E-Multi has been used widely as a portable auxiliary injection unit for multi-material or multi-coloured applications, the company said.