Widia Modular end mills accelerate metal removal

Editor: Briggette Jaya

USA/ Europe – Widia has announced several developments intended to extend the usability and efficiency of its machinery and equipment.

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The company has a variety of integral shank taper, lobed and HSK-style toolholders.
The company has a variety of integral shank taper, lobed and HSK-style toolholders.
(Source: Widia)

In addition, is from its sister company, Hanita, whose Vari-Mill technology includes a range of helix and cutting geometries, an asymmetrical flute design, and wear-resistant AlTiN coatings for productive use in titanium and nickel-based super-alloys.

The replaceable tip end mill solution that features the Duo-Lock connection from Widia and Haimer, is claimed to be currently the only tool available that can take full-width slotting cuts in stainless steel and aerospace alloys at 1xD deep, and 50% cut widths at 1.5xD. Its fast metal removal rate is achieved with a double-taper, face-contact mount and “intelligent” thread design that is said to provide run-out accuracy better than 5 µm; axial repeatability of 10 µm or better; and up to 25% higher torque and chip load capabilities than its competitors. According to the company, these features make the Widia system a budget-friendly alternative to solid carbide end mills for all shops, from Tier I and II suppliers in the aerospace and auto industries down to the smaller, flexible job shops.

The Duo-Lock connection was originally designed for heavy roughing and semi-finishing applications in difficult materials but the platform has evolved since then. When coupled with the wide array of carbide, coatings and geometries from Hanita, Widia adds that it can provide manufacturers with a modular alternative to solid carbide end mills in 80% of their machining operations. All of its modular cutting tools and adapters are available with the Safe-Lock technology, which is claimed to assure zero pullout in titanium as well.