Jongen Milling system can cut most materials at high speeds

Editor: Eric Culp

It is available with two types of inserts.

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The inserts are precision-sintered, have four cutting edges and a positive chip breaker
The inserts are precision-sintered, have four cutting edges and a positive chip breaker
(Source: Jongen)

Jongen has introduced its Power Mill milling system 09-12-19 for high-performance cutting operations. This system was introduced at the Metav 2014 show earlier this year and is said to allow for short processing times and high feed rates with axial depths of cut of up to 3.0mm.

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The company said the system has two types of inserts with different cutting geometries: Inserts with H-ends are suitable for robust HSC machining or roughing and stable clamping, while the inserts with S-ends are for lighter HSC machining or finishing, unstable clamping and adhesive materials.

The company said the inserts come in three sizes:

  • FP 09 and FP H 09 S with a 4mm cutting edge length, a 0.8mm radius and an axial depth of cut of up to 1mm
  • FP 12 and FP H 12 S with a 5mm cutting edge length, a 1mm radius and up to 2.2mm of axial depth of cut
  • FP 19 and FP H 19 S with a 6.7mm cutting edge length, a 1.2mm radius and up to 3mm of axial depth of cut.

These inserts are precision-sintered, the company noted, and have four cutting edges and a positive chip breaker. They are said to allow almost no radial cutting forces and provide, together with the tool bodies, process safety. The different versions provide the chance to mill almost all materials.

The different tool designs (shell-type mills, shank-type mills with cylindrical shank and Weldon shank, threaded-type cutters) used in combination with the various inserts also feature flexibility, the company explained. For example, large protruding lengths can be processed, and near-contour roughing operations are now possible with this latest tool generation.

Furthermore, Jongen explained that the shell-type mills have diameters of 20-125mm, while threaded-type cutters are 20-42mm wide and shank-type mills with clamping shanks made to DIN1835-B are 20-35mm in diameter.

All tools are equipped with holes for internal cooling. Shank-type mills with cylindrical shanks for large protruding lengths are available in diameters of 20-35mm, reaching a total tool length of 195mm.

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